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UK National Roofing – Drone Inspection and Survey 

Customer Terms & Conditions

By requesting the provision of our drone roof inspection and survey service you agree to the following terms and conditions

  1. I accept that the successful provision of this service is weather permitting, high winds and heavy rain may delay our ability to complete the shoot on the specified time and date, if we are unable to attend due to this, we will endeavour to return on the next available suitable day.
  2. As there is no requirement for entry into your property you accept that the shoot maybe completed with the property unattended, and we have your full permission to complete the inspection accordingly.
  3. You have legal authority to both request and receive the footage and stills requested.
  4. You accept that all completed footage, stills, and reports are only accessible via the “My surveys” login area provided, access to your account using the details entered at the time of placing your order – username and password provided by you the customer.
  5. If by any chance you are not fully satisfied with the standard of the final footage supplied, you will contact us within 48 hours of receipt of your order so that we can review the footage and arrange a revisit if required.
  6. I accept the published costs for my inspection based on the number of bedrooms I have at my property.


Additional Survey Report – Inspection add-on


  1. I accept that the information contained within this report is accurate and based on the review of our senior roofer.
  2. I understand I will not to be given a quote for the work required unless requested.
  3. I accept that should I wish to have the required work completed by UK National roofing; normal booking procedures along with timeframes set, will apply. The ordering of this report along with a no obligation quote does not in any way prioritise the competition of anyway work required as highlighted from within the report, if you choose for UK National Roofing to complete the work.
  4. I accept the additional £50 charge for my roof written survey and accept that this is based on an external video and stills review only. No internal or non-roof related assessments will be made.

By proceeding with your order, you accept all points contained within these terms and conditions.

By clicking I have read and accept UK National Roofing T&C, s